fun party


Gamzee and Tavros in punk. Okay okay next thing will be of some of the girls



the other day was friends day

so have this now


this was originally just supposed to just be a doodle but here we are

humanstuck feferi is so fun to draw im def gonna draw more of her in the future

becomeonewithhetalia sent:

I shall now refer to cereal as 'the dry flakes we eat' for the rest of my life :P

I pretty much have to after that mistake. ^^;


jade god tier



galaxy legging

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youre gonna be late for ur date kid



friends foooreeever. also they’re in their intro outfits because….they’re friends from the start until the very end!

tumblr ruined the quality + i had to size down the animation a bit to upload, so i’d recommend that you view the original version here!



I ship these two a lot more than I thought I would.

Enjoy a Cute Story About Friendship!

OK, so I have a friend who is the cutest little shit ever, that is, in fact, and endearing term. And another friend who is just the most precious thing, and has been there for me since I can remember. They are both just the sweetest to me, and I love them a lot.

To me, being friends with anyone is about more than just calling you a friend. A friend in my terms is someone I can write fan fiction for because I know their fictional baes and their fave characters before even they do, it’s someone I can go through my pictures with and not care that there is porn somewhere on my screen, someone who I can cry beside of whether out of sadness or joy and they literally are crying with me and leaning on my shoulder.

I can’t describe the reasons why I love these two, but maybe it’s because no matter how badly I screw up my words and fall over, say dumb things, make terrible typos, or send them shitty memes they always laugh and the joke will go on forever- not as mockery but as something we can look back on and laugh again.

My friends are not just friends, they are my family at this point, and they are the only people I can look straight in the eyes after watching a porn game on my laptop together, or after we make a sex headcanon about a character we love.

They don’t use me for my writing, it’s just who I am to write for them, just like I don’t use them for anything they may do for me. It’s not about what we do, it’s about how much we all care for each other, and this is why I love them.

kowai-sea-pancake and jake-capital-english <3


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